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OVERDUE by Miranda Elaine ~ Blog Tour


This was my first read by this author and I’m incredibly delighted to have come across her.

It took a few sentences for me to feel a connection to Leni. When she tried to get out of a social gathering then planned on finding a quiet place to read at said social gathering I thought to myself, “that’s me”. The more I got to know her and the reasons of why she felt safer getting lost in the pages of a book were so closely related to my reasons that I was in awe of reading a heroine that I connected to on such a profound level.

Leni and Griffin had an undeniable chemistry but below the surface these best friends had much stronger feelings for each other that you could literally feel through the pages while they slowly became more than best friends. I loved the banter they shared and the way Griffin had this innate ability to understand her in an intimately profound way some of which she had yet to come to terms with herself.

I can’t think of a more perfect book to spend curled up reading on this dreary Sunday morning. Overdue was a beautifully constructed, perfectly balanced amount of sassy heroine, hot dirty talking fireman, sweet, steam, with an interlace of feels that make your chest tighten and may cause a few tears to leak out. Oh, and nan deserves her very own sentence she was full of fire with absolutely no filter I aspire to be half that fun at her age.

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