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PRETTY BOY D by Rachel Jonas & Nikki Thorne ~ Review

This was my first book by this duo, but I will be diving into their other series as soon as I can.

A few pages into Pretty Boy D reality faded away, and my head and heart became engulfed inside the Kings of Cypress Point world.

The prologue had me completely in love with Joss and Dane before I even really knew them.

Joss was sweet and trying to do the right things in an effort to appease her parents, but then she snaps, with all sorts of sass, and a strength I don’t think she knew she had until that moment. She was ready to take her life into her own hands and stop living a life to make others happy.

Dane is in the spotlight, and while he has a cocky side, he has many other sides, he could be incredibly sweet, a bit alpha-hole at times, and all alpha at the right times *wink.*

Dane and Joss may have been in the friendzone for years, but the explosive chemistry between them said otherwise, and it seemed everyone knew it but them. The sizzle between them is simmering below the surface, and the moment they decide to take the step into a more than friendship arrangement that sizzle becomes infused with enough tension to heat up kindles everywhere.

The slow burn is full of so much intensity, and not always the “good” kind there were many obstacles they had to overcome to get to their happily ever after. My heart ached with every pull and soared with every push and every emotion the characters felt in those moments struck my feels like lightning bolts. The authors did a fabulous job of bringing you into this world so deeply it felt like you were a part of the crew.

The banter between Dane and Joss was fun and engaging, and the banter between the crew was that and more. If, like me, you haven’t read the previous series, their witty banter and fierce loyalty will get you addicted, needing to spend more time with these characters, and ready to dive into previous series.

Pretty Boy D is an utterly enthralling blend of explosive chemistry, a tension filled slow burn, a swoony alpha hero, a sassy heroine, witty banter, peppered with feels, from fluttering ovaries to your chest tightening with emotion, steam, and a crew of friends that are overflowing with love and fierce loyalty. This duo has undoubtedly became an automatic 1-click for me.

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