LUCAS BROTHERS by Jordan Marie


Raging Heart On (Lucas Brothers Book 2)

Blurb I’ve decided to have a baby.The only problem?I’m as single as they come.​I jokingly make a list of possible baby daddies. The problem?​My best friend White finds the list … and his name is at the top.​My incredibly hot, best buddy, never-going-to-settle-down best friend.​He’s telling me he won’t let anyone else near me.​He’s out … Continue reading Raging Heart On (Lucas Brothers Book 2)

Home Run (Lucas Brothers Book 6)

Blurb Green Lucas doesn’t know what’s about to hit him. Complete Standalone Romance Wanted A woman with grit and fire who will help me get my son’s head out of his ass. You must be self-sufficient and not looking for a gravy train. Common sense is a plus, book smarts are optional. Cannot have red … Continue reading Home Run (Lucas Brothers Book 6)

Cowboy Up (Lucas Brothers Book 8)

Blurb They say old wounds will heal with time—but that’s a damn lie. Blue Lucas knew the moment Meadow moved back to Mason she was going to rip him apart. Seeing her every single day is hell on earth, but he survives it–probably because losing her destroyed the most important parts of him years ago. … Continue reading Cowboy Up (Lucas Brothers Book 8)