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#ReadingHusband “Read Shelf” ~ C.M. OWENS



Hooked on the Game

The Sterling Shore Series, Book 1 Everyone has secrets that define them, a past that has shaped them, and a game they play – whether they know it or not. Despite the fact they live next door to each other, Kade and Raya have never made an effort to speak, until a wild party, four… Read More »Hooked on the Game

Kade’s Game

The Sterling Shore Series, Book 1.5 We never go after what we want without circling around it at least a hundred times. Instead, we play games, try to work just the right angle, even when it’s not necessary. You’ve heard Raya’s version, and now it’s Kade’s turn. He had everything mapped out. His life was… Read More »Kade’s Game

Tagged & Ashed

The Sterling Shore Series, Book 2 The cunning predator, the willing prey, and a weekend neither of them will be able to forget – ever. Ash Branderwood was told one thing before going to her best friend’s brother’s wedding – don’t get Tagged. There’s always that one guy you shouldn’t want, but you just can’t… Read More »Tagged & Ashed

The Sterling Boys

The Sterling Shore Series, Book 3 A love that never came to be, a letter that ruined it all, and secrets that shred and heal…Rain Noles left Sterling Shore to break free from the painful life she had, but she left behind the man she loved, expecting him to come after her. When he didn’t,… Read More »The Sterling Boys

Loving War

The Sterling Shore Series, Book 4 Tria Noles and Kode Sterling are a match made in hell, and no one will deny that. They’ve hated each other for years. Kode Sterling is the jerk who doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Tria Noles hides under a cold façade to appear strong and confident. There’s no possible… Read More »Loving War

Breaking Even

The Sterling Shore Series, Book 5 What happens when one neighbor pisses off the other? They end up in a brutal prank war, of course. But neither of them expects what happens when they can’t break even. Rye Clanton I told myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t—couldn’t—fall in love. I’ve seen what happens,… Read More »Breaking Even

A Redo

The Sterling Shore Series, Book 6 Allie Thrash Wren Prize is the asshole who got me pregnant seven years ago. And gave me a false name. And walked out of the hotel without a backward glance. Sure, I know I wanted to have sex just as much as he did, but I didn’t want to… Read More »A Redo

Triple Dare

The Sterling Shore Series, Book 7 #ReadingHusband’s Top Pick Book Boyfriend RUBY KROSS Who is Corbin Sterling to me? That’s what people always want to know. He was my first friend. He was the love of my life. And he was my only heartbreak. The problem is that I love the big jerk, and I’ve… Read More »Triple Dare

Identical Disaster

The Sterling Shore Series Book 8 JAX My life was simple… until Bo Brendon crashed into my lap. Shy girls aren’t my thing, yet somehow, she’s under my skin and in my head. It’s a f*cking nightmare. Yet it’s a nightmare I don’t want to give up. BOLIVIA (BO) Jax Marshall was an accident. A… Read More »Identical Disaster

Perfectly Toxic

The Sterling Shore Series Book 9 BELLA New life. New job. New home. New goals…I vowed to make drastic changes and to never fall back into old habits. But then Ethan Noles showed up and blew all my good intentions to hell. I should have stayed away. I shouldn’t have played his game.But I did.Now… Read More »Perfectly Toxic

Make Me

The Sterling Shore Series Book 10 DALE I’m a mature and very pragmatic person, whom others like to call boring.At least I was…until Harley came back into town… What do you do when a girl comes back for some petty revenge against you and seduction is part of her game?You pretend to be a millionaire… Read More »Make Me

Taming A Maverick

The Sterling Shore Series, Book 11 SALEM Just some fun. Just one night of reckless, harmless, wild fun. That’s what I told myself the night I hooked up with quite possibly the sexiest guy I’ve ever known. Only, I didn’t want to KNOW him. Life is a series of temporary situations, or so it’s always… Read More »Taming A Maverick

Talk Nerdy To Me

The Sterling Shore Series, Book 12 Despite the fact it seemed like Base Masters was all over Sterling Shore, I’d never really known much about him, aside from random factoids. Things like…he’s a semi-estranged cousin of one of my brother’s friends, plays guitar in a local band, and he doesn’t get mentioned much unless he’s… Read More »Talk Nerdy To Me

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