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#ReadingHusband “Read Shelf” ~ C.M. OWENS


Blood’s Fury

Deadly Beauties #1 The deadliest things in life are often the most beautiful… until they strike. Alyssa Coldwell decides to put her destiny as an immortal witch to the side, so she can take the chance to live like a normal girl amongst regular humans before she too is part of the fey world. She…

Poison’s Kiss

Deadly Beauties #2 Alyssa has spent her entire life naively believing things are only laid out in black or white, but now she finds herself stuck in the gray area. The inner battle she faces with her own dark power that she has denied for too long starts to brew all the more fiercely. Kane’s…

Red Moon Secrets

Deadly Beauties #3 Secrets are spilled, lies are revealed, and dark destinies emerge. She’s judged them all – now they’ll be the ones to judge her. Alyssa is no longer seeing the gray area – she’s living in it. A destiny she never considered is consuming her. Everything ends, and it ends now – no…

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