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RECKLESS by Adriana Locke ~ Review

Adriana Locke never ceases to amaze me, but there was something extra special about Reckless, these characters have embedded themselves deep inside my heart.

Jaxi is sassy, quick witted, and as much as she might try to guard her heart there’s nobody in the world that wouldn’t swoon over Boone. Boone is charming, sweet, and oh, so swoony.

Jaxi and Boone’s meet cute is more of a, “breaking and entering, meet” but I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect for them. In their very first exchange they immediately begin to banter with one another that makes it feel as if they’ve known one another forever.

Their chemistry is intoxicating, a slow-burn that starts the moment they meet, and burns hotter on every page. I felt like I was right there with them as they fell head over heels in love with one another. They went from strangers to this partnership seamlessly, I really felt as if they were always meant for one another.

It only took a few pages, reality vanished, and I was engulfed by The Mason Family world. Every book in this series makes me feel as though I’m visiting family, but Jaxi and Boone’s story grabbed my heart, and are now entangled in the deepest parts of me.

Reckless is a rapt blend of an intoxicating slow-burn, a sassy Jaxi, a swoony Boone, flawless witty banter, heaps of feels, from heartwarming to heartbreaking, brothers that push each other’s buttons continuously, but love one another unconditionally, a mom that balances meddling in her adult son’s life, and still having the ability to scare them, she’s the mom I aspire to be.

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