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Resisting Mr. Granville by Sam Mariano ~ Review


Resisting Mr. Granville is all sorts of steamy wrapped up in a double taboo bow, and I couldn’t put it down.

Mariano delivers addictively unputdownable plots like nobody else. I found it physically impossible to stop reading once I started. Not just because it was hot AF, but because of the complexity of the characters and the twists I sure as hell didn’t see coming.

This is part of a taboo series for a reason, so if you dive in and find yourself shocked that the storyline is in fact… taboo, you should reevaluate your reading preferences.

Kennedy doesn’t have a good home life. Her mother is vile, and it’s honestly a wonder she’s as sweet as she is. She showed up at the door of the Granville residence to meet with the youngest Granville so he could tutor her and she could help him garner the attention of a girl at their school. They definitely draw attention, but it’s from someone a little closer to home, in the form of Mr. Granville.

Although Kennedy was young, in a lot of ways she was more mature than others her age. This was mostly due to the lack of a parent she could rely on. In other ways, she was longing for the safety and unconditional love that should be a part of every child’s life, but that’s just not the case in fiction or real life.

Milo Granville is definitely the last Granville Kennedy should find herself drawn to, but is it really surprising? Nope. He may have a skewed moral compass, but at the end of the day, he’s a good guy. More often than not, he puts what Kennedy needs above his own wants, and it was that very thing that endeared him to me the most. There were times when what she needed/wanted was the very worst thing he could have imagined, and yet he put her first.

From the moment Milo opened the door, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he and Kennedy were end game. even if a few of her memories were initially a little… off-putting. The chemistry between them was palpable, permeating the pages any time they were near one another. It was the way he put her wants and comfort before his own that had me on board with them wholly. It was abundantly clear that there was much more than physical chemistry between them. It was emotional and soul-deep. They were meant to be, and the way he showed her that even when he felt as though he were dying inside tugged at all my heart strings.

I feel as though it’s worth repeating that, as part of the Blurred Lines series, the lines between Kennedy and Milo are in fact… blurred. This is taboo, with added taboo. Keep that in mind, so you aren’t one of those who reads it only to try the whole “Why I never” as though you’re shocked that a taboo romance is in fact… taboo.

Resisting Mr. Granville is deliciously steamy and completely addictive. An enthralling blend of impassioned chemistry, a possessive alpha hero, a submissive and at times sassy heroine, a slow-burn mixed with an intense inferno, a conundrum wrapped in a hot AF taboo bow.
The Granville men are an impossible bunch not to love, and I, for one, am hoping this isn’t the last we see of them.

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