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I wasn’t prepared for Ruthless Noble, and you aren’t either.

I honestly don’t know where to begin, this is only my second book by Alley Ciz, and the conclusion of Jasper and Savvy’s story has cemented a place as one of my favorite authors.

I truly have no recollection of anything that took place in real life today because every single part of me was immersed in the Royalty Crew world.

My heart was a racing mess from start to finish, and I loved every second of it. Savvy was all sass, sarcasm, and strength in the first book, but throughout this she transformed into the Queen she was meant to be.

Savvy had a million things going on that could have crushed her, and while she may have stumbled a few times, not once did she contemplate staying down. In some ways those stumbles fueled her strength as she realized how many people were willing to hold her up when she needed a hand, and stand beside her in a fight.

Gah, Noble was the embodiment of everything I love about alpa-holes, but he upped the steam level with his possessiveness. The arguments and battle of will between him and Savvy was a phenomenal mix of foreplay and entertaining.

I can’t even explain the chemistry I felt between them. It was beyond soul searing and more of like souls reviving, as if they were only able to become who they were truly meant to be when they found the one who had the ability to awaken the deepest parts of their soul.

I’m in awe of the ensnaring story Alley Ciz so beautifully brought to life. It was a page turner to the nth degree. Every page was more engrossing, lines were drawn and sides had to be chosen, secrets exposed. My chest ached right along with these characters, every emotion they felt seeped through the pages into my heart.

Duke and Tessa are the definition of ride or die, and their wit, sarcasm, and all around ridiculousness brings a reprieve from the heaviness that will undoubtedly weigh heavy on your heart. The secondary characters already have me wanting to read their stories.

I can not emphasize this enough, before you read the first word make sure you cancel real life. A gripping blend of hair raising chemistry, a BAHole level alpha-hole, a bossbish heroine, heaps of angst, heart stopping twists, heart-pounding turns, witty banter, and holy shitake mushroom the steam level in this off the charts. A top read of 2021, and a top unputdownable all-time favorite read.

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