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SAY YOU SWEAR by Meagan Brandy ~ Review


**I believe that the best way to enjoy this story is to approach it with an open mind and as little information as possible, so I’ll keep this much more vague than usual**

Arianna and her twin brother, Mason, are extremely close, which I adored. They’re more than just siblings; they’re best friends. They grew up in the same neighborhood, surrounded by a loving family and a close-knit group of friends, and their parents were best friends as well; all of their most important moments in life were spent with one another.

I’m hoping this isn’t the last we see of this group of friends; each of them has moments that piqued my interest as to what their story would be, so I’m hoping we’ll get those someday.

Ari was more reserved than the others in her friend group, more innocent. Some of that was likely due to her very protective brother, but also because she’s an old soul, she’s not interested in the same things as others her age.

I think I would have enjoyed this more if it wasn’t as lengthy, not that I don’t enjoy books that are long, I do, but only when the length is justified and feels necessary to tell the story. I found myself skimming parts out of boredom and when I stopped it was as though I never missed anything.

I think more research could have been done as far as football, either that or making a disclaimer at the beginning saying that the author changed some of the rules for college sports and other things in order to fit her own narrative.

For as long as this was I felt as though there shouldn’t have been any loose ends when I reached the end, but that just wasn’t the case here. I walked away feeling as though I was given tons of unnecessary information while things I felt were necessary were left up in the air.


There are still several things about this that are irking me. I think that had it not been so all over the place, and instead we were offered more fleshed out characters this could have been amazing.

The angst was high, but other elements of the story were never explained, and in some cases it was as though scenarios were thrown in just for the sake of it. There was no meat to the story, it was glossed over and onto the next information dump followed by soap opera worthy drama.

It’s an information dump that offers nothing more than a waste of time, SO MUCH TIME. The lack of research regarding the “sport” in a “sports romance” is astounding, and as someone with a child that survived a TBI, and subsequent brain damage, I felt that more research could have been done in order to make any of these elements of the story remotely believable.

I feel like this is one of those instances where people are “rating” the author, and not the story. This is something I would expect to see in a debut by a new author, it felt as though it were thrown together with a mix of every angsty angle fathomable. More of a soap opera than anything else.

Say You Swear https://books2read.com/u/4ELR8l

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