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SCORING BEAUTY by Alley Ciz ~ Review

Whoa, I wish I could give this 10 Motherpucking Stars

Scoring Beauty delivers an abundance of laugh out loud witty banter, next-level sarcasm flows from every character, add in everything that is Ryan Donnelly, you have a top read of 2021, and a new favorite book boyfriend.

Amara is a single mom, and I LOVED the relationship she had with her son, it was effortless for me to connect with her, as she shared a back and forth banter with her child that so closely resembled my own. She loved with everything she had, those in her circle were loved unconditionally, others were kept outside the barrier she placed around herself in an effort to avoid heartache.

Ryan is the swooniest motherpucker I have ever read, he is the perfect blend of confident, sweet, humble, and alpha at all the right times *wink* He was quick witted and charming, and the banter between him and his friends and family pulled you that much deeper into this enchanting world.

Ryan and Amara’s chemistry is electrifying the moment they meet, and every moment from there it evolves, and when you add in the connection Ryan shared with Maverick, it’s beyond the stratosphere, a cosmic force can be felt between them.

Ciz’s remarkable writing is unparalleled, the dynamic between characters, clever and engaging banter, she laces together an addictively alluring blend of laughter and heart alongside side torturous slow-burn.

Scoring Beauty is unequivocally a top read of 2021, and a new all-time favorite sports romance. An unputdownable blend of soul searing chemistry, a hero with a Gold Medal in SWOON, a sweet sassy heroine, a 9 year old that’s mastered sarcasm, bursting with laugh out loud moments, sprinkles of feels, and a group of friends that offer one another, unconditional love, unyielding support, and friendly barbs, all inside a world that you will wish you could stay in indefinitely.

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