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Defensive Hearts: Discreet Special Edition
Defensive Hearts: (BTU Alumni #7)
Defensive Hearts: Illustrated Special Edition


The day I saw Gemma Steeleโ€™s delicious body wearing nothing but a few scraps of lace, I knew being traded was the least of my problems.

Her sexy text may not have been meant for me, but that image is not something a warm-blooded man could ever forgetโ€”no matter how badly he wants to. Iโ€™ve tried to resist her, but I canโ€™t seem to escape Little Miss Suzy Sunshine. Every interaction is rife with tension and animosity, until it boils over, and we cross the point of no return.

Thatโ€™s when I know Iโ€™m screwed, because now when I look at her, all I think is: Mine.

Who knew a simple selfie could be such a recipe for disaster?


The first time I met Chance Jenson, I was into the whole broody-bad-boy thing.

But then he opened his mouth and I quickly realized heโ€™s not just a little moodyโ€”heโ€™s the grumpiest jerk to ever lace up a pair of hockey skates. I wasnโ€™t having any part of it. I agreed to cook for his dogs, but promised myself that the only thing he would ever eat are his words.

I spent more than a year doing my best to hate him, but when Chanceโ€™s lips land on mine, I feelโ€ฆconflicted.
I donโ€™t want to want the jackass.
I certainly donโ€™t want to have feelings for him.
Unfortunately for me, my heart seems to have other plans.

What the hell am I going to do?