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Sin Bin by Teagan Hunter ~ Review


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: no other author can outwit Hunter’s witty banter. The way she weaves laugh-out-loud witty banter while lacing every word with emotion is nothing short of a masterpiece. 

I love that I know, upon reading the first word, all of the stresses of reality fade away, allowing me to become lost in a fictional world that offers not only laughter and feels, but an amazing group of friends that you become a part of. Each world she creates, all the unique and quirky characters, whether it’s a sports romance, college, or a pizza shop, you don’t feel like an outsider reading the words, but a part of each story. 

Sin Bin was exactly what my head and heart needed, woven together with intricately placed emotions, a group of people who love hard and unconditionally, and award winning wit and sarcasm (is there an award for that?). Endless laughs and a few tears; absolute perfection.

Emilia was super sassy, witty, and my new favorite character. She had a not-so-pleasing upbringing, and her uncle was the only family she had, and although she got the job because her uncle was the owner, she was determined to show everyone that she deserved it. I think she did that and more. She even kept her distance from Smith for two years…The only issue is, once they are back in the vicinity of one another, neither of them makes a conscious decision. It’s more like gravity takes over. 

Smith is… well, he’s grumpy, a loner, and a little growly. He’s a part of this group of friends, but has a habit of trying to keep them at arm’s length. The thing with this group is that for every push, they seem to have a way of weaseling into a tighter hold. The Comets are a team that became family, and they drive one another to the brink of crazy often enough to make it legit. Smith, like Emilia, kept his distance for 2 years, but once they had no choice but to spend time together, they were drawn together like magnets.

Smith and Emilia’s chemistry was a force of nature, powerful with the potential to cause destruction. That thought was enough to keep them apart for two years. Then a moment in time, the reason they can’t be anything to one another, ends up forcing them together. The choice to keep their distance is taken from them. It’s impossible; a cosmic force is pulling them closer, physically at first, and soon they become engulfed in one another. 

As always, Hunter sprinkles emotions throughout the story in a way that only she can. Mostly lighthearted, but she never ceases to be able to make me laugh out loud one moment, only to shed tears the next. It’s the way she brings these characters to life; words on the page become embedded in your soul. She has a way of making even the most famous of her characters genuine and easy to relate to. 

Sin Bin is a new favorite and a top read of 2022. There was something about Emilia and Smith that felt exceptionally special. An unputdownable blend of cosmic chemistry, a grumpy (swoony) hero, a sassy heroine, exemplary laugh-out-loud witty banter, sprinkles of feels, and a steamy slow burn turned 5-alarm fire.


I should stay away.

Emilia Anderson is the team’s social media manager, and there are strict rules about not fraternizing with the staff. It doesn’t matter that we already accidentally broke them—we can’t let it happen again.

Besides, my time in the NHL is winding down, and this is my last shot at winning the Cup. I need to focus on the game, not some girl I have no business chasing.

She’s ten years younger than me.
She’s the assistant coach’s niece.
And she works for the team.

She’s off-limits…and too hard to resist.

I know better than to play this game…

But it looks like I’m heading to the sin bin.

SIN BIN is a standalone age gap/forbidden hockey romcom with lots of steam, wit, and fun!

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