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SOUTHERN HEAT by Natasha Madison ~ Review

Every book in the Southern series has been full of heart, unconditional love, heartbreak and healing but Southern Heat is so much more, hands down my new favorite in the Southern series.

Willow, I don’t know where to begin, my heart broke for her, it broke more, and then it shattered. Her life had been filled with the worst kind of people, the type that breathed poison into the air everywhere they went, and in spite of the horror she lived she was good, genuinely so to her core.

Quinn was honest, kind, loving, loyal, a bit growly, and he was exactly who Willow needed in her life because she needed to know that someone like him existed. She had an abundance of inner strength, but she had her heart encased in steel, all she had ever known was pain, and all she’s been shown was the very worst in humanity.

Quinn felt a pull towards Willow the moment he saw her, as if in those moments his soul recognized hers. In the midst of tragedy something extraordinary was taking place and my heart felt every moment of it. Willow was discovering a whole different reality from what she’d known, surrounded by good people that showed her she could trust, and open her heart.

It wasn’t an easy journey, and there were moments when my chest ached, and I had to stop reading to wipe away tears, but there were also moments that my eyes overflowed with tears of pure happiness.

Natasha Madison’s books are always consuming to the utmost degree, but never did I feel as though she was the maestro of my thoughts and emotions more than while I read Southern Heat.

This was more than a romance, it’s tragedy and triumph, a woman at her very worst finding a man that stands proudly by her side while she rises from the ashes as the very best version of herself. It’s about love between partners, siblings, parents, and when you have an abundance of unconditional love, you pull in those who need that to heal.

Southern Heat is a top unputdownable, emotional read of 2021.

A few words and your completely enrapt inside the Southern world, an elegantly woven blend of soul stirring chemistry, emotionally gripping, through tragedy and heartbreak there’s healing, witty banter to shine light amidst the dark, and a family that is the essence of unconditional love making you feel like part of the family every time you visit this world.

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