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THE PERFECT CATCH by Meghan Quinn ~ Review

Yet again, Meghan Quinn solidifies that there’s a difference between sports romance and a Meghan Quinn BASEBALL romance. I don’t know how she does it but every book that takes place inside the Bobbies’ or Rebels world is utterly bewitching, a few words and you are immersed inside this world until the very last word.…

EARN YOUR EXTRA CREDIT by Meghan Quinn ~ Review

I honestly, from the very bottom of my heart don’t even know where to begin because I more than love this book. Earn Your Extra Credit earned 5 stars and then some ALL the extra credit stars. Stella is sassy, quick witted, and speaks her mind, but under all of that is someone who is…

THE STRIKE OUT by Meghan Quinn ~ Review

Harmony made quite the entrance in this story. She had fire running through her veins and it exploded right out of her mouth in the form of a scathing retort on her opinion of athletes at Brentwood. Holt heard what she said but the connection he felt with Harmony had already begun to stir inside…

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