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Sweeper by Amy Daws ~ Review

Sweeper swept me away from reality and firmly planted me in the Harris Brothers world, where I remained until I lapped up every word like the Harris Ho that I am.

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading your first Harris Brothers book or your tenth, a few pages in and it feels familiar, family and friends, you’re never a spectator, you’re a part of the world, and the profound love woven in the pages wraps its way around your heart, a loving hug that warms you throughout.

Daphney is my very first book girlfriend. She had a unique personality, sassy with a bite, kind-hearted while protecting her own heart. Her wit and sarcasm had me hooked, line and sinker. The timing was so on point, no holds barred, I laughed and snorted so many times.

Zander was adorable, awkward at times, cocky, and completely charming; combine the two, and you’ve got a panty melting combination.I’m completely enamored. Zander’s entire world had been turned upside down twice in a short period of time. The connection between those events shook the foundation of who he was, causing him to question everything he thought he knew. Every emotion he felt bled through the pages, searing me to the core, as his head tried to process what his heart tried to deny.

Daphney and Zander had a shaky start, but there was no denying their chemistry, unless you were them. Daphney was scathing and sassy, Zander was charming and a bit of an American mess, but together they were truly mystical. A friendship was formed, which resulted in clever retorts and a stronger connection. Once they started opening up to each other, my feelings became combined with theirs, and I had to put it down at times only to wipe my tears away so I could see the words again.

Nobody will ever be able to persuade me that Amy Daws doesn’t cast a spell inside the worlds she creates, particularly the Harris Brothers world. Inside a setting I’ve never been to but feels like home, surrounded by a family that makes you feel loved wholeheartedly and unconditionally, a feeling that may be foreign to some in real life, and to be able to feel that inside a fictional world is nothing short of magnificent.

Do not expect to be a functioning adult upon reading the first word; you will be glued to your kindle until you devour every word of this breathtaking read.

Sweeper is undoubtedly a top 2021 read. A captivating blend of searing chemistry, a charming alpha hero, an exceptionally witty heroine, amusing banter, bursting with emotion, laughter, giggles, heartbreak tears, happiness tears, and steam, inside a world that has become a fictional home, with a family that has embedded themselves in my soul. Their love shines through you long after you reach the end.

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