THE SECRET by Max Monroe ~ Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Don’t tell Thatch, but… *whispers* Ty is unquestionably my new favorite book boyfriend from this author duo. The Secret had everything I’d come to love about their books: laughs galore, hot AF steam, feels that had tears streaming down my face, mostly from laughing, a little age gap with a side of forbidden, and I was 69 shades of addicted. Rachel was spirited, sassy, and quite savvy. She was also under a lot of pressure, and those parts of her allowed her to get a break from the weight of other people’s expectations. I loved how she wasn’t afraid … Continue reading THE SECRET by Max Monroe ~ Review

THE PACT by Max Monroe ~ Review

The Pact is Max Monroe at their best: laughter and tears, with a dash of wit thrown in for good measure, expertly woven into an enthralling, feel-good romance.. Daisy embodied my favorite type of heroine; her rambling words gushed from her tongue at every moment of fear or silence, and her rambling quickly became my all-time favorite.I felt her anxiety in every word, as her anxieties and fears churned inside of her like a tornado, growing stronger with each word. I wanted to hug her at moments, and her incoherent ramblings made me laugh at other times. Flynn is Daisy’s … Continue reading THE PACT by Max Monroe ~ Review

THE BET by Max Monroe ~ Review

The Bet was Max Monroe perfection multiplied by 10. I truly don’t know where to start because this book was everything I hadn’t expected, but exactly what I needed, I laughed, giggled, swooned, and ferverous levels of steam. Sophie is an event planner, and her personality made it obvious that she was in the right profession. She had a plan for her life, and a tad bit obsessive about it which made me fall in love with her. You know what they say about the best laid plans… Jude is the proverbial bachelor, he was content being single, and had … Continue reading THE BET by Max Monroe ~ Review

GRUMPY COWBOY by Max Monroe ~ Review

Max Monroe are masters of addicting single dad romance. Every single time I say I have a new favorite in a review, it’s true from that moment until they bring a new single dad into my life, but a single dad that’s a cowboy? That’s an invitation for ovary exploding emergencies across the world. Leah arrives at Shaw Springs Ranch, and is faced with a whole different patient than she was expecting. To say they get off on the wrong side of a high heel would be an understatement. Rhett may be a stubborn cowboy, but Leah is stubborn in … Continue reading GRUMPY COWBOY by Max Monroe ~ Review

OOPS, I’VE FALLEN by Max Monroe ~ Review

First, I need to say that there’s a warning at the beginning of this book that needs to be taken seriously, it may not make sense when you read it but the more enthralled you are in this new world Max Monroe has created, all those warnings will click into place with blissful clarity. Carly is fire, unpredictable, the type to look at rules like are a recommended guideline while Ryan is a stress ball of making everything around him perfectly orchestrated and rules are there to breathe life into his obsessively controlled world. Carly and Ryan’s meet cute is … Continue reading OOPS, I’VE FALLEN by Max Monroe ~ Review