Restrictions by Nicole Dykes ~ Release Blast

Release Date: July 23 Loss. Guilt. Grief. Do you ever truly recover from it? How can you be happy when the person you once looked up to is gone? Sheltered. Ruled. Shamed. Do you ever grow after that? How can you break free from a lifetime of repression? Vivienne and Asher have been through a lot in their young lives. Can they use each other to heal and to find their true selves? They’re about to discover whether they can liberate each other or if their love is only more constricting. Grab Your Copy Here: Amazon US | Amazon UK … Continue reading Restrictions by Nicole Dykes ~ Release Blast

REGRETS by Nicole Dykes ~ Release Blast

Scroll down to see my review Release Date: May 29 Healing after a tragedy is hard enough. Doing it when you’re haunted by past betrayal and so many things left unsaid? Feels nearly hopeless.  Is it impossible to come back from so much anguish and all the regrets? Can you ever truly mend your heart and move on? Or are Penelope and Linc destined for a life of punishment and pain? They’re about to find out whether the line between love and hate is clear. And if moving on after loss and the sting of deception is even possible.  Grab … Continue reading REGRETS by Nicole Dykes ~ Release Blast