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The Trouble with Runaway Brides by Piper Rayne ~ Review


The Trouble with Runaway Brides was second chance, small town, runaway bride, tension-filled slow-burn PERFECTION.

I feel like I say this more often than not, but this duo seems to outdo themselves with every release. There was just something about Lance and Kenzie that made them stand out among others. Every emotion bled through the pages with a mind-boggling level of intensity, and it was clear that the years they were apart did nothing to extinguish the burning chemistry they shared.

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Sincerely, Your Inconvenient Wife by Julia Wolf ~ Review

Sincerely, Your Inconvenient Wife was utter Wolf perfection! Her ability to place you inside her world, making you feel like you belong, all while making you laugh and tear up—and that’s not even including the steam… In other words, plan on canceling life before you read the first word; otherwise, you will end up like me and blatantly ignore all adulting.

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Corrupting the Innocent by P. Rayne ~ Review

Corrupting the Innocent introduces even more enchanting evidence to this beloved duo’s dark side that proves there’s nothing they can’t do.

Vow of Revenge was the first hint, but it’s Corrupting the Innocent that has cemented Mafia Academy as a new all-time favorite Mafia series.
Corrupting the Innocent is a “hide in a closet from your family, so there’s not a chance of anything pulling you out of this world until you reach the very end.

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