ALCOHOL YOU LATER by Heather M. Orgeron ~ Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’m completely speechless. I’m at a loss for words to express everything I imagined Alcohol You Later would be, as well as the reality of what it was, because it was so much more than I could have imagined. Orgeron has an uncanny ability to bring a sense of reality to the fictional worlds she creates, and she never fails to leave me in awe. Raven has a huge loving heart and an unwavering ability to see more in Nick than anyone ever has. We’d all be lucky to have someone who firmly believes that you are more than … Continue reading ALCOHOL YOU LATER by Heather M. Orgeron ~ Review

SWOON by Lauren Rowe ~ Review

I am deceased. I had no idea you could swoon to death, but that was only because I hadn’t met Colin and Amy yet. Amy took “no filter” to a whole new level. I have a crush on a girl. She was extremely sweet, but she was also sassy and extremely witty. Her personality was such a mishmash that she was truly one-of-a-kind; she was Amy, and nothing else could describe her. She was unlike any other heroine I’d ever read about which was all sorts of swoony. Colin, oh my goodness, *blushes* He was swoony. The best and worst … Continue reading SWOON by Lauren Rowe ~ Review

COURAGE FOR FOOLS by Monty Jay ~ Review

I don’t know where to begin, Courage for Fools bleeds emotions, and breathes love into you with every word. I’ve read Monty Jay’s books since her debut and she has this incredible ability to deliver an emotionally driven storyline, but Courage for Fools is above and beyond any other angsty book I’ve read in a long time. Quinn has lived her life in a small-town in Virginia, she’s always had dreams and ideas of traveling, but there were things that kept her rooted to that small-town. Then reality slaps her in the face, and she decides that it’s time to … Continue reading COURAGE FOR FOOLS by Monty Jay ~ Review

FALLING INTO LOVE WITH YOU by Lauren Rowe ~ Review

I became addicted to Savage and Laila while they were Falling out of Hate, but having a front row seat while they Fell Into Love was all sorts of enthralling with swoony butterfly feels. Savage and Laila have let the animosity fall away and what they find underneath that is 2 people whose souls were becoming intricately woven woven together the very first time they were in the same room together. Kernel sized secrets, and popcorn lies were brought into the light which was the opportunity Savage and Laila needed to build a more solid foundation of their relationship. They … Continue reading FALLING INTO LOVE WITH YOU by Lauren Rowe ~ Review

FALLING OUT OF HATE WITH YOU by Lauren Rowe ~ Review

I loved this so hard! Savage is all sorts of cocky in a way that only a lead singer in a band can be, the bad boy “Player” is what he portrays, but there’s so much more to this man. He’s his own brand of fire and ice, he’s smoldering with his smirk and quick wit, but he also had moment ice filled his veins and he would fling caustic retorts. Laila is a pure and unadulterated fireball, she’s sassy, and has no qualms about saying what’s on her mind, she has this aura about her that makes people feel … Continue reading FALLING OUT OF HATE WITH YOU by Lauren Rowe ~ Review

WHEN THE STORM BREAKS by Emery Rose ~ Review

This was the first book I read by this author and I was completely blown away by every single element of this story. Shiloh didn’t have an easy childhood and although her dreams of making a name for herself in the music industry had become her reality she was dealing with unrelenting storms in her life. The strength of her character was astounding because all she had been through didn’t turn her into the person it could have been. She held everything close to her chest as all she’s ever known was hurt but she was so incredibly compassionate and … Continue reading WHEN THE STORM BREAKS by Emery Rose ~ Review

REPUTATION by Adriana Locke ~ Review

Coy was somewhat what I had imagined him to be, he was cocky with a charming personality but what I hadn’t expected was the size of his heart. He had the most incredible genuine kindness that he swooned his way straight into my heart. While Coy had a piece of my heart, Bellamy had a piece of my soul. I shared so much with her it felt as though my past was playing out on the pages before me through someone else’s eyes. She was all sass and closed off because she couldn’t fathom anymore heartbreak. Bellamy and Coy’s start … Continue reading REPUTATION by Adriana Locke ~ Review