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TEMPT THY NEIGHBOR by Teagan Hunter ~ Review

Teagan Hunter is the queen of witty banter, and she weaves together a beguiling story with an exceptional balance of laughter, a smidgeon of feels, and steam that is guaranteed to have you feeling lighter when you read the last word.

Tempt Thy Neighbor was a phenomenal, yet bittersweet end to the Roommate Romps series.

Holland walked away from working for her dad, and his idea of what her life should be. She was unemployed and sleeping on her brother’s couch, but being there was a step in the direction of happiness.

Holland was sassy, sweet, and hardcore competitive. She never expected to walk away from her old life and come face to face with the man who broke her heart.

Sutton’s last name comes with a long list of expectations, second son and therefore not the heir, and after a series of disastrous events he’s given the boot which lands him on the path to an apartment building we’ve all come to love.

Holland was charming, cocky, and more swaggery swoon than my ovaries were prepared for.

As soon as Holland and Sutton’s eyes met it incited their anger from the past the chemistry between them was tangible. Barbed jabs, scathing looks, and clever quips were all different forms of foreplay in a tortuous slow-burn between these competitive enemies.

As sad as I am that this is the end of Roommate Romps, I’m excited to see what new world Teagan Hunter delivers.

Tempt Thy Neighbor is a tantalizing end to the Roommate Romps series. A spellbinding blend of electrifying chemistry, a swoony hero, a sassy heroine, a torturous yet delicious slow-burn, extremely witty banter, and a smidgen of feels, all of which are the exact combination for my top laugh out loud, feel good romance of 2021.

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