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The Anti-fan and the Idol by Rachel Van Dyken ~ Review


The Anti-fan and the Idol is an excellent place to begin your exploration of RVD’s intriguing world. Every word fueled my addiction to this one-of-a-kind world, and I’m already looking forward to more.

This world sheds light on the world of K-pop, adding endless intrigue and a glimpse into Korean culture that I would not have known about if not for this series. RVD masterfully weaves her magic into every world she creates, but this one is extra special as it brings us a unique glimpse into cultures that aren’t generally explored in romance.

Ah-Ri had been trying for years to make a name for herself in the world of K-pop, but it seemed impossible. She was determined to succeed in a world that seemed to ignore her. She was sassy and witty, and she didn’t appear to be hardened by the pressure.

Ryan appeared to have everything, but on the inside he was broken. He was drowning in sorrow and on the verge of losing his dreams. My heart was aching as his emotions bled through the pages, and my soul was weeping alongside him. He was also charming and witty, and he nailed the role of the possessive, growly alpha book boyfriend. Swoony, witty, and growly are the most important traits in my bookish boyfriends.

A few hours lost inside this world, and I’m left in a state of awe at RVD’s mastery in the way she weaves such an enchanting story, a novella that will consume you from the first word. An enthralling combination of intoxicating chemistry, a swoony hero, a sassy heroine, clever dialogue, emotions that will bleed straight to your core, an absolutely enchanting look at K-pop, and steam. I can’t wait to spend more time immersed in this world.

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken comes a new story in her My Summer in Seoul series…

Make it or break it…

Or maybe just break them?

Ai-Ri has been training under YK Management in Korea for two years without any results. She doesn’t fit the typical mold for a successful K-POP idol image, literally down to her blood type. She has six more months before college entrance exams which means she only has six months to make it as an idol before her dreams are crushed.

Things take a turn when two of the most famous male idols break away from their group and decide to form their own co-ed group, a rarity.

And wonder of all wonders, they need one more girl.

It would be the perfect opportunity, except she hates them.

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