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THE BET by Max Monroe ~ Review

The Bet was Max Monroe perfection multiplied by 10.

I truly don’t know where to start because this book was everything I hadn’t expected, but exactly what I needed, I laughed, giggled, swooned, and ferverous levels of steam.

Sophie is an event planner, and her personality made it obvious that she was in the right profession. She had a plan for her life, and a tad bit obsessive about it which made me fall in love with her. You know what they say about the best laid plans…

Jude is the proverbial bachelor, he was content being single, and had every intention of staying that way, until a seemingly meaningless bet sets his best laid plans ablaze. Jude was charming, and even kind of sweet in his own way, but this man was steam personified, and that made it impossible for Sophie not to follow him into the fire.

Jude and Sophie’s meet cute was more of a “hot damnnnn” type of moment, and from there it just got hotter. It began as physical but every moment they spent together you could feel heartstrings begin to intertwine.

Gosh, I wasn’t expecting the feels to hit me so hard I’d end up with a few bruises, but alas here we are. Neither one of them had any intentions of falling for one another, but honestly, these 2 were meant to be, it was written in the stars. Jude had this ability to get Sophie to step out of her comfort zone, and you could feel her coming to life in those moments.

The banter in this is truly some of the best I’ve ever read. Not only are Sophie and Jude quick witted and hilarious, but the secondary characters are as well. I’m pretty sure every character in this book made me laugh or giggle at least once.

The Bet is a smashing introduction to the Winslow Brothers’ World. An all-consuming blend of electrifying chemistry, a panty melting hero, a sassy heroine, rife with laughter, rousing witty banter, scatters of feels, and the steamiest, steam Max Monroe has ever written.

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