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THE BONDS WE BREAK by Becca Steele ~ Review

The Bonds We Break pulls you deeper inside this world, and with gripping twists and turns holds you captive from start to finish. Cassius and Jessa’s story is an epically enthralling addition to The Four world.

Jessa isn’t the same girl we met earlier in the series, trauma does that to a person, it ends who you were, and as time goes, you become a new version of yourself. In this case, Jessa is a shell of the mean girl center of attention she had been, she’s spent some time reflecting on who she was, and while she doesn’t know who she is anymore, she knows she’s no longer that person.

Jessa is more reserved, keeps her head down, but in no way is she ever weak, it feels as though she just needs a moment to shake loose the inner strength she has, and who should appear, Cassius, of course, in all his charming glory. The new version of Jessa is sassy and sweet, she secured a firm grasp on my heartstrings.

Cassius, gah, I love him. He’s full of wit and sarcasm, always willing to be a fool in an effort to make someone smile, and when he began to allow Jessa to see what he was unwilling to allow others to see, he wriggled his way around my heart as well.

Cassius and Jessa shared a striking connection, and every interaction between them made it all the more potent. Cassius had the innate ability to bring ease to the people around him, and he was the calm to the storm surrounding Jessa. They were made for one another, he was her safe place, and she saw more in him than the “Cassius” he showed the world.

The Bonds We Break pulls you back into The Four world in the first few words, and consumes you until the very last word. An unputdownable blend of a striking chemistry, a charming hero, a heroine healing and finding her strength, witty banter, spine-chilling twists, heart stopping turns, and intensely hot steam. The perfect combination for a top read of 2021.

**Although The Bonds We Break can be read as a standalone, I feel as though you would be doing a disservice to yourself if you don’t begin with The Lies We Tell and read each book in order. There’s a larger plot that carries throughout the series, and on top of that it gives you the best understanding of the dynamics between the characters which is a significant element to each of the books in the series.**

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