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The Damaged by Tijan ~ Review


The Damaged was fascinating from the first word to the last.

A few words was all it took for reality to fade and I was fully engulfed inside this world.

I honestly don’t know where to begin, of course I went into it not knowing what to expect, but even so, Tijan delivered an epic read that has my mind spinning.

Bailey’s starting graduate school with bodyguards by her side. Now that the secret is out on who her father is and her relationship with Kash, people have begun to take notice of Bailey everywhere she goes.

She was making new friends while others were making assumptions on who Bailey was and the life she had led to that point.

Bailey’s emotions were delivered with a raw intensity, every one of them left a searing mark inside of me. Tijan’s carefully crafted words, once read, transfuse the emotions of the character straight into your heart.

I was completely mesmerized, I couldn’t stop, one page to the next had your heart racing and your head reeling with thoughts of what was to come.

There was a shift in Bailey and Kash’s relationship, more intense in every way, and more open in others. You could feel the burning chemistry between them with every interaction. They breathed a little easier just by being near one another, and when they weren’t you could feel the heaviness they carried when they were apart.

Kash’s alpha protectiveness reached new levels, and this man’s steamy swoon factor is rising well above the average book boyfriend.

An all time favorite read.

A heady blend of soul searing chemistry, a protective alpha hero, a strong intelligent heroine, intense emotions, spine chilling suspense, heart-stopping shocks, steam, and witty banter to lighten the blows to your heart.


No longer an outsider, Bailey has a family and love that she never could’ve imagined.

Used to living in the shadows, Kash will now do anything to protect his family and his woman.

They will take on the world together…

In the meantime, stunning motives, lies, and explosive secrets continue to unfold.

1. Quinn is in jail, awaiting trial.

2. Friends might actually be enemies.

3. And what is Calhoun plotting? More importantly, will Kash discover it before it’s too late?

Everything will come to a head as passion and danger ignite in The Damaged.

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