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THE DECEIT OF A DEVIL by Holly Renee ~ Review

The Deceit of a Devil is the formidable conclusion to Carson and Allie’s story.

My heart was in tatters after The Taste of an Enemy and that tortuous cliffhanger, and the only way to heal was The Deceit of a Devil, but before I was healed, I was put through the wringer of angsty feels.

Every moment I spend inside The Boys of Clermont Bay world, not only do I become more invested in this addictive series, I become more in awe of Holly Renee’s exquisite story telling ability.

Each character’s emotion pulsated through me, every heartbreak, painful word, devastating action, each a searing pain I felt to my core.

Allie was done with Carson, and this time she meant it, she was done offering chances to the Devil he continuously showed himself to be. She knew she deserved more than what they had in the past, and I was proud of her for standing her ground. Allie didn’t fall at his feet the first time he uttered his apology. They had to break in order to rebuild with atonement and forgiveness, to start anew with an indestructible foundation.

But the thing is, once the Devil had a taste of the only woman he’s ever desired, he’s not going to just let her walk away.

Carson was on a mission to make sure Allie knew she was his, and I swear on all that holy and unholy, my heart wasn’t my only bits ready to jump in this book and let him know I forgive his growly possessive alpha-hole self.

Holy Renee supersedes expectations with every book she writes. The Deceit of a Devil is ravishing from beginning to end. A compelling blend of phrenetic chemistry, a sassy *ba* heroine, a devilish alpha-hole, surges of emotion, whispered encouragement “girl yes,” along with muttered threats, “ffs” “gtfo” and some volcanically hawt levels of steam. A top read of 2021 and an all-time favorite.

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