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THE RETALIATION YOU DELIVER by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

The Retaliation You Deliver, delivers on all fronts, dark and twisty, engrossing from start to finish, an epic conclusion to Leon and Macie’s story.

The Retaliation You Deliver picks up hours after The Devastation You Reap left off.

Leon and Macie aren’t the people they were in the beginning of their story, devastating secrets have been exposed and malicious actions imploded who they had been, and set their relationship ablaze.

In the previous books, Leon Dunn had been more reserved and most likely to get others to laugh, but always with an air of darkness surrounding him. The moment Macie re-enters his life that man vanishes and in his wake, darkness envelops him as his past and present collide.

I can’t even express all the emotions I felt reading this, a scale would be from “burn the earth level rage to ovary exploding swoon.” My heart nearly bled out as we learned of details of Leon’s past, and the horrors of Macie’s childhood. Heart wrenching pain and rage flowed through my veins as their emotions tore through me carving out bits of my heart.

I became addicted to this series at the very first book, but there was something extraordinary in the pages of Leon and Macie’s story, in the way their individual darkness seemed to not only match but formed a magnetic pull between them.

Devastation is a palpable feeling throughout Leon and Macie’s story, but after their lives imploded it seemed to allow them to open up the darkness inside, and from there their fate was sealed, the magnetizing chemistry between them that neither could deny.

The Retaliation You Deliver is an explosive conclusion to Leon and Macie’s story, as a finale to the Maddison Kings University series it’s the epitome of saving the best for last.

A few words into The Retaliation You Deliver and that was the point reality ceased to exist as I was engrossed in the Maddison Kings University world until I devoured every word. Magnetically charged chemistry, a wickedly dark alpha-hole, a heroine that steps out of the shadows finding her strength, feels on top feels, rage, heartbreak, interwoven between the devastation is acceptance, healing, finding peace with the person who not only accepts the darkest parts, but fuels them with her own, superheated levels of steam, and every element creates the ultimate level of all consuming. The Retaliation You Deliver is unparalleled as the best book in the series, and a top read of 2021.

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