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The Reunion by Meghan Quinn ~ Review


I’m not sure where to begin. There’s no chance of me being able to do justice to this beautifully crafted novel.

Quinn is a one-click author for me because her words have a way of reaching the deepest parts of you, and between the witty banter and swooning, she weaves together lessons we can all learn from.

While writing The Reunion, Quinn seemed to know exactly what my mind needed, my heart desired, and my soul required. It was a poignant story about family, miscommunication, self-reflection, digging deep and learning to love yourself, a series of life lessons, forgiveness, within ourselves or those we love, and each of these siblings was falling in love in the midst of their angry words.

Palmer Chance is the youngest member of the Chance family; she left home after graduation and hasn’t returned since. She had her reasons, and now she was home, but the past and the secrets she had brought with her weighed heavily on her shoulders. She was incredibly sassy, didn’t have a filter, and her antics made me laugh, but on the inside, she was lost, filled with varying degrees of inner turmoil, and my heart ached for her.

Ford Chance is the eldest of the Chance siblings, and with that comes the inherent trait of taking full responsibility for the younger siblings, whether it’s protecting them or bossing them. Anyone who has siblings understands all aspects of their family dynamics. Ford was the head of the family business and was a workaholic who rarely returned to his hometown for a visit. He had his reasons for devoting his life to turning the family-owned business into a franchise, which became his sole purpose in life, but in doing so, he was forgetting the very foundation of his family and what the business had been built on.

Cooper is the middle Chance sibling, and he was the only Chance sibling who stayed close to home, which comes with a different responsibility: caring for their parents. If you read “The One Night” (which I highly recommend you do), you will have a greater understanding of his mindset. He had gone through a divorce, which, along with other events, prompted him to begin digging deep within himself, seeking a way to reflect on who he was and embark on a journey to become who he desired to be.

As the three Chance siblings get together for the first time in years and things get heated, years of unspoken things are revealed. They are supposed to be planning their parents’ anniversary party, but the tension between them makes that impossible.

Palmer, Ford, and Cooper are falling in love with someone who brings them peace at a time when they are all stressed to the max. It’s a mix of light and the heartbreak they’re feeling as a result of their siblings’ estrangement.

The Reunion astounds me; it’s unlike anything I’ve ever read. An inspiring story about facing the past while facing the possibility of a better future, forgiveness of self and those you love, every aspect is fueled by love, for their parents, siblings, and the new relationships they are all starting, and life lessons interwoven through each character’s POV. By the end, a piece of you will be left on the pages, and the formidable life lessons will burrow their way into the deepest parts of you.


From the USA Today bestselling author of The Wedding Game comes a new romantic comedy about the antics that ensue when three siblings come together for their parents’ fiftieth-anniversary party.

Martin and Peggy Chance believe love should last a lifetime. With their fiftieth wedding anniversary on the horizon, they’ve modeled a beautiful relationship for their three grown children. But to their dismay, that lesson hasn’t quite caught on—the three siblings just can’t seem to take a chance and find love in their own lives.

There’s Ford, the eldest, devoted to his work and resistant to romance…or so he claims. Cooper, the middle child, can’t get past his divorce—until he reconnects with a feisty baker from his past. And Palmer, the baby of the family, is the free-spirited world traveler who always pictured herself with someone other than a handsome small-town family doctor.

When the Chance siblings come together to plan the ultimate anniversary party for their parents, they’ll have to navigate romantic entanglements, sibling rivalries, and the definitive end of their childhood. Whatever happens, The Reunion promises to be a fun, flirty, wild ride.

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