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THE SECRETS YOU KEEP by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review


Lorraine never delivers anything less than perfection, but somehow with Violet, Tristan, and Knox’s story, she managed to outdo herself yet again. It’s completely gut-wrenching at times; secrets from the past are invading the present, and the girl who thought she lost everything is faced with two men who would literally burn the world to the ground to save her from more pain. The only thing better than one possessive, dirty-talking alpha being brought to his knees by a sassy AF woman is two dirty-talking heroes.

Violet has always been a bit of a mystery, and I’ve been looking forward to finding out what caused the little flickers of heartbreak and sadness behind her eyes. It was so much worse than I imagined, utterly gut-wrenching at times. Learning about her past and what she had been through made me admire her that much more. She truly was the essence of strength. Even when she became overwhelmed by it all, never once did she let it all break her completely.

Tristan was her brother’s best friend. When Violet’s world was turned upside down, he became her safe place and the only connection she had to her past. He tried to be her friend even though what he felt was so much more. He intended on keeping his promise to his best friend, but as we all know, those alpha book boyfriends can only hold back for so long before something makes them snap. And what a deliciously dirty talking snap it was.

Knox was a bit more complicated. It appeared he did something horrifically unimaginable, but as they say, things aren’t always what they seem, and nothing is what it seems when it comes to this tattooed bad boy. He’s loyal to his core, and oozes alphaness like only the best book boyfriends can. He isn’t afraid to take what he wants, even if it very well may blow up in his face. Luckily for him, the only thing that explodes all over his face is attached to the girl screaming his name.

Knox and Tristan’s connections with Violet are both teeming with unbridled passion, yet each has their own uniqueness to it, and even the connection the three of them share is just as intense, although vastly different.
Tristan and Violet’s connection began before they even realized it, and as their lives took some unexpected turns, he became the tranquility she needed after her life went up in smoke. He was the only connection she had to the past, but it was more than that, and I think they both knew it. It may have appeared innocent, but there was a burning between them that can only be described as soul-searing.
Knox burst into the scene like the possessive stalker level alpha he is, and oh how addictive that mouth of his is.
Tristan and Knox put it all on the line to ensure Violet lived her best life, and as it turned out, all she ever needed was them. There may have been a bit to work out in their dynamics at the beginning, but it was clear that this was the way it was always meant to be.

Within a few words, The Secrets You Keep pulls you back into the MKU world as though you’ve never left. An unputdownable blend of soul-searing chemistry, two alpha-AF heroes, a sassy heroine, witty banter, non-stop twists and turns, and nth degree steam.

The Secrets You Keep is different from Lorraine’s other books. It doesn’t have the same sort of darkness as her others, but I can assure you it’s just as amazing, cementing my previous assumption that any trope she takes on will be AH-MAZING.

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