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Yet again, Holly Renee has taken my ability to speak English, along with bits of my soul with The Taste of an Enemy, this was EVERYTHING!

I became enamored when my heart was touched by a villain, but that was minor in comparison, one small taste of the enemy, and I was wholly and irrecoverably addicted to the depths of my soul.

GAHHHH, Holly Renee weaves an angsty, twisty tale like no one else, heart palpitations were a side effect of the story, from the way the angst hurt my heart to the tension between Allie and Carson, they were everything.

Allie was fairly quiet, wanting to go unnoticed by Carson because he used his words towards her like bullets, landing heavily, and leaving painful and leaving scars that may not be visible on the surface but they were there just the same.

Carson was a cocky jerk, an alpha-hole to the nth degree, he aimed most of his alpha-holeness towards Allie, and while others may not have known the reason, he and Allie certainly did. The number of times I wished it were possible to punch a fictional character is absurd, but I did, I still do, and I want to hug him, and lick him, because I wouldn’t mind a taste of this enemy. I loved him, I hated him, it was an emotional ride.

Carson and Allie had a tsunami like chemistry, it was full of passion and destruction, coming in waves of intoxicating bliss and heartbreaking devastation. It was painful to watch, my heart ached, tears trailed down my cheek. They were perfect for one another, and yet it wasn’t enough to allow them an easy path to happily ever after.

The banter between them was entertaining, in their lighter moments when you could feel what should have been, it was effortless between them. I adored them in the light moments, and wanted to cause physical pain to a fictional character in the dark moments, but whether in the light of their story or the dark, I was fully consumed by this world.

Holly Renee has outdone herself yet again, every book she writes is more mesmerizing than the last.

The Taste of an Enemy had me ensnared in the first pages, a spellbinding blend of vehement chemistry, a possessive alpha-hole, a sweet yet sassy heroine, tidal waves of emotion, thoughts of throat punching a fictional character, mumbling “stfu”….””istg”, I’m not going to survive them, seriously, “ffs”, tension for DAYS, and in the end you will be reluctant to rejoin reality, a piece of you will remain in the pages with Allie and Carson.

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