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THE VENGEANCE YOU CRAVE by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

My new favorite of the Maddison Kings University series.

A few words and you’re pulled right back into the Maddison Kings University world, and until I had read every word, deep inside this world is where I stayed.

If you’ve read the previous books in the series then Luca piqued your interest. It was so obvious that there was more to him than what he allowed people to see, it just so happens that what he had simmered below the surface explodes the moment Peyton is back in his life.

Peyton is back after 5 years all she wants to do is go to college and work, and keep her head above water, but the moment she comes face to face with an angry person from her past her chances of sinking below the stress of life becomes more probable than surviving Luca’s vengeance.

Luca isn’t the boy she knew, and the man that he’s become is fueled by setting anger towards the girl he once loved. Luca was way more alphahole than I expected and I freaking loved it. He had a darkness inside of him that took the steam factor up a few notches. There were times my heart ached for him with the unfair pressure his father puts on him and other times I wanted to kick him for the way he pushed away the only genuine people in his life.

The chemistry between Luca and Payton is fiery, unrestrained and turbulent. There was so much between them and the effect they still have on one another even after their years apart was palpable, but their past smothered all of the good they had once shared.

The flow of the story is utterly captivating. The past between Luca and Payton isn’t in the past at all. There is so much more to the story and while some is revealed there’s so much more that is unanswered. I’m glad we don’t have to wait long for book 2.

The Vengeance You Crave was captivating, an all-consuming blend of explosive chemistry, a deviantly dark alphahole, a strong heroine, suspense, intriguing twists, and vengeful level steam that will heat up your kindle.

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