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WALLFLOWER by Jessica Prince ~ Review

Every new release is like going home for a visit with loved ones, no matter what small town Jessica Prince conjures.

Willow is my favorite type of heroines of all time. She was a heated jumble of unfortunate clumsiness, shyness, and at times, in such awkward circumstances that her feelings washed over me as if it were my own. There was so much beneath the surface of this “wallflower” that she didn’t let others see, she had a gentle loving heart, and my chest ached when people took advantage of that.

Stone is the most apt nickname for this man than any nickname in the history of nicknames. Any emotions he had were held deep down and his face gave nothing away. He was all sorts of swoony, but it was just that he never allowed anyone to see it, until he did.

The chemistry between Stone and Willow was palpable from the start, and no matter how many times Stone tried to quelch it, it only teemed with more and more tension. Stone and Willow had a slow burn of all slow burns, and the moment tension between them comes to an all time high, that tension snaps and delivers an explosive amount of steam.

Jessica Prince is a master of small town romance, she so eloquently brings the town and characters to life, and each town makes you feel right at home. Wallflower is a spellbinding blend of palpable chemistry, a tension filled slow burn, a prickly alpha hero, a strong heroine, witty banter, feels that brought a tightening in my chest, and tears to my eyes, and a group of friends that brought as much entertainment as they did unconditional love.

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