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WASTE MY TIME by Kelsey Clayton ~ Review

I have been intrigued by Easton since I first met him in the Haven Grace Prep series, and (im)patiently waiting for his story since the start of the North Haven University series. The phrase, “saving the best for last” doesn’t offer Waste My Time the justice it deserves. Not only is it my favorite in the North Haven University series, but my new favorite Kelsey Clayton book to date, and a top read of 2021,

As I’ve read the previous books in the series my curiosity was piqued at the relationship between Kennedy and Easton. The chemistry that I felt between them in the previous books was only a fraction of the palpable chemistry between them in their story.

Kennedy was so much stronger than she gave herself credit for, and when she decided to take the course in really letting that part of her shine I was so proud of her. She had so much going on and at times her own voice was her worst enemy, and that was something that made me feel a deeper connection to her. It felt as though she had to go through all of those things to make it possible for that inner strength she had all along, a chance to shine.

Easton wasn’t what I had expected, he was so much more. Even in the moments it was clear his intentions were good, it went epically wrong. The demons from his past were preventing him from grasping his future. It was heartbreaking, and at times I wanted to duck tape his mouth shut, or maybe kick him in the shin. It was like in moments that he needed to say the right thing he acquired a case of diarrhea of the mouth and the literal worst words flowed freely. When Easton came to the same realization that everyone around him already knew, his swoon game was trophy worthy.

Getting an inside look of how past events transpired, and a first row seat as Kennedy and Easton battled towards their happily ever after was a soul deep level of all-consuming. Their soul searing chemistry is palpable, but all of the other intricate parts of their lives make it feel like at times there’s a forcefield preventing them from being able to get to their happily ever after.

The secondary characters add so much to this, in their unyielding loyalty to one another, witty banter, and every one of them ready to throw a punch or take a bullet for one another. I love this whole crew, and I know without a doubt when I miss them I will go back to where it all began.

Waste My Time is all-consuming to the nth degree, an arresting blend of soul searing chemistry, a possessive alpha hero, a strong heroine, a sea of emotions hitting you in waves, my heart ached, my eyes leaked, I giggled, witty banter, steam, and a crew of friends that are invariably by one another’s side, ready to throw a punch or wipe a tear.

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