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WHEN THE STORM BREAKS by Emery Rose ~ Review

This was the first book I read by this author and I was completely blown away by every single element of this story.

Shiloh didn’t have an easy childhood and although her dreams of making a name for herself in the music industry had become her reality she was dealing with unrelenting storms in her life. The strength of her character was astounding because all she had been through didn’t turn her into the person it could have been. She held everything close to her chest as all she’s ever known was hurt but she was so incredibly compassionate and attuned to others’ emotions.

Brody hadn’t had an easy life either and he was rough around the edges but when people worked their way into his heart he was everything. He was a gentleman when he needed to be, a role model, sarcastic, and a growly, dirty talkin’ alpha.

A girl raised in the Bayou that grew up to be a rock star and a cowboy from Texas that owns a ranch and trains and rehabilitates horses, 2 completely different worlds and yet when Brody and Shiloh meet the the dark clouds that hovered above their heads and the storm in their eyes began to lift and bring sunnier days and star filled nights.

When the Storm Breaks is completely entrancing, Emery Rose writes characters that have endless layers and she brilliantly pulls back the layers showing an impressive depth to every character. The flow of the storyline is entrancing. My eyes couldn’t be pulled from the pages, soul-searing chemistry, a hurricane of feels, and witty banter that brings some lightness to the heavy feels.
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