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BOMBSHELL by Jessica Prince ~ Review

I have been looking forward to the start of this series since it was announced, and holy bejebus, Jessica Prince annihilated any preconceived notions I had about this series, it was EVERYTHING!

Marin is living the single life after a bad relationship, she’s not looking for love. I adored her immediately, she had a touch of sass, and a dash of awkward rambling moments, and even after everything she’d been through she didn’t let ruin her or her ability to have an open heart.

Pierce is a single father, and the love he has for his son made my ovaries weep. He was all swoon, and alpha at the right times, and yet, his heart was closed off to anyone except his son.

Pierce and Marin have a sizzle of tension between them the second they are in the same room together, and both of them are ardently aware of it, but there’s something that holds them back. Every time they are in close proximity that sizzle steadily builds until the tension is sweltering, and nothing could stop them.

I loved how they built this level of friendship, and the slow-burn between them flowed seamlessly. There were times my heart felt as though it would beat straight out of my chest the pain in these characters’ words worked their way into my heart. It was like Marin, Pierce, and Eli each had these little fissures missing from their heart that would only ever be filled by one another.

Jessica Prince has created another world that is positively bewitching. An exemplary blend of intoxicating chemistry, a sweltering slow-burn, a swoony alpha hero, a sweet but sassy heroine, witty banter, a 6-year old that steals the show, feels and steam, inside a bewitching setting with a group of loving and supportive friends that I can’t wait to read about.

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