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CRUEL DEVIL by Daniela Romero ~ Review

I didn’t realize quite how much I missed the Devils of Sun Valley High world until I read the first few words of Cruel Devil and was immediately immersed back in the Devil’s world.

Kasey is starting college early and will now be on campus with her brother and the other devils, but there’s one particular devil that makes her blood boil as much as he makes her tingle. She never falters when it comes to flinging sassy retorts and angry words at Dominique. She is all fire, sass, quick wit, and I absolutely loved her.

Dominique is cocky, bossy, and an unfiltered alphahole. He uses hate as a shield between him and Kasey not only because of her age, but she’s his best friend’s little sister. Instead of the hate between them hindering the connection they share, all the hate does is stoke the fire that burns between them.

It was clear in the previous books that there was a spark of something between Dominique and Kasey, but that was only a morsel of the fiery connection they have. You could feel it growing more intense between them with every wicked jab, sassy defiance, and Dominique’s growly possessiveness.

They carried their false sense of hate in every interaction, but that didn’t stop it from being obvious that everything going on had been inevitable from the moment they met, and it was going to be explosive because while the hate may have been a shield their stubborness wasn’t fake, and neither one would back down without a fight.

Daniela Romero is a master of witty banter and scathing retorts between characters. Cruel Devil was everything I wanted it to be and more, a top read of 2021. An all-consuming blend of fiery chemistry, a possessive alphahole, a sassy heroine, witty banter, scathing retorts, feels infused on every page, and wickedly combustible steam.

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