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HAWK by Kat Savage ~ Review

This was my first book by Kat Savage and I will be diving into her back list as soon as I can.

Drew and her daughter have relocated to a new town for a fresh start. Drew has an incredible strength as she takes on being a newly single mom with complete determination to do everything she can for herself and her daughter which begins with finding a job.

Hawk is the owner of Bird’s Eye Tattoo Studio. He comes off as stone cold and impervious but it doesn’t take long to find out that the man behind that mask he wears has a heart of pure gold.

Hawk and Drew have an immediate spark and they both make judgements on one another during their first interaction but those judgements are quickly annihilated as they start to get to know one another.

Hawk went from indifferent bad boy to swoon worthy man. He and Drew were perfect for one another but when you add in his connection with Ava and how genuine he was in every interaction with her he made my ovaries weep. As much as it felt that Drew and Hawk were meant to be I had that same feeling with him and Ava like everything that happened in their lives had to happen so that the 3 of them could be a family.

I adored the whole crew of Bird’s Eye Tattoo Studio. A patchwork quilt of people who have been hurt by those that were supposed to love them the most and others who had been living a life with no family to call their own have become a part of dream Hawn created by wanting to own a business but more than that he wanted it to be a family business and that’s what all of those who work for him have become.

Hawk is an unputdownable blend of soul-stirring chemistry, witty banter, laughter, feels, and a group of people seemingly lost in the world finding one another and creating a family with unconditional love and support of one another.

I can’t wait to read more of the addicting world of Bird’s Eye Tattoo Studio.

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