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My Perfect Enemy by Jessica Prince ~ Review


I can’t get enough of Prince’s small towns and close-knit friends who thrive on the unending love and support they share. It’s nothing short of magical how the love and unrestrained friendship she instills in the characters bleed through every word as you read.

Luna was the epitome of tenacity and sass. She had rules she lived by… The sole purpose of those rules was to keep feelings at bay. She kept her heart out of the equation, and it worked until she was face to-face with the man she never expected to see again.

Nate was back in Whitecap, the small town where he grew up and where he had no plans to return. Nate was a little broody at first, but after a few revelations, he was swoony as af. Plus, who can resist a single father who prioritizes his daughter’s best interests and does everything within his power for her? Nobody. The moment you see Nate as a father, your ovaries will explode, and his love for her will cause you to swoon like you’ve never seen before.

Nate and Luna have an instant physical chemistry, and despite the fact that it was only supposed to be physical, neither of them can stop thinking about the other. Their next run triggered snarky quips and angry growls, which was all sorts of verbally tantalizing foreplay type slow-burn. 

My Perfect Enemy offered the perfect escape from reality. An engaging blend of intoxicating chemistry, a swoony hero, a sassy heroine, sprinkles of feels, clever banter, fiery passion and a tantalizing slow burn, set in a world with friendships brimming with unconditional love and support that wraps around your heartstrings.


Rule number 1: Never fall for the enemy.

Rule number 2: Never get involved with a local.

Luna Copeland lives by those rules, which complicates things tremendously when her new boss turns out to be a former one-night stand. As if that isn’t bad enough, he’s also a world-class jerk. But she just can’t make herself stop thinking about their one night together.

When Nate Warren left Whitecap years ago, he was certain he wouldn’t come back. But when his daughter starts acting up and getting into trouble, the small coastal town proves to be the best place for her. With an unruly teen on his hands, the last thing he has time for is romance. Unfortunately, he can’t get his sassy assistant out of his head.

When ignoring their attraction fails, Nate decides he wants all in. He just has to convince Luna she wants the same.

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