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My Unexpected Surprise by Piper Rayne ~ Review

My Unexpected Surprise held quite an unexpected surprise in the pages. The connection between Allie and Fisher held an intensity like no other, and I’m honestly at a loss for words on how to adequately explain all of the ways that made this novel stand out from the rest.

Allie was sweet; she had planned how her life would go since she was a little girl and being pregnant from a one-night stand was never in the plan. And now, here she was, pregnant by the man with whom she had once developed a friendship, and then he was gone. She was also sassy and stubborn; her stance in the midst of Fisher’s “demands” made me laugh on several occasions, and I admired her for standing firm.

Fisher was dead intent on remaining a bachelor; he’d not only witnessed but also experienced what it’s like to love someone with all of your heart and then lose them in a horrible way; it’s something that rewires the very core of your being. Although the circumstances were certainly different, I knew him and his thoughts deep in my heart. I know what losing a parent far before their time can do to affect the essence of who you are.

Fisher and Allie were fire and ice; their chemistry was undeniable, with an intensity unlike any other; but Fisher’s concerns and past actions forced Allie to dump a bucket of ice on the feelings she’d been developing for him.The unquenchable inferno between them didn’t let either of them have a voice; their souls knew they were soul mates long before their conscious minds did.

My heart was deeply invested in Fisher and Allie’s story, not just in the traditional sense, but also in the sense that I felt so strongly connected to Fisher; his fears were not only relatable; I have the same ones, and Piper Rayne’s portrayal of heartbreak, fear, and most importantly, allowing yourself to love, even when you have every reason to keep it at bay, was flawless. It’s worth taking the chance to be able to love passionately and with all of your heart.

I never thought I’d see the day Piper Rayne made me ugly cry, because let’s face it, they’re masters at making you laugh and swoon with their feel-good small-town novels brimming with love and sprinkled with feels, and that was the reason for my ugly cry, in a moment overflowing with so much love that it turned my eyes into a faucet.

My Unexpected Surprise stole my heart in the most unexpected way. A spellbinding blend of soul-searing chemistry, an uber-protective hero, a sassy heroine, teeming with witty banter and laughs, a tension-filled slow-burn, every page laced with emotion and overflowing with love, and a duo of grandmas (and Midge) that have leveled up their meddling ways.

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