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PLAYING FOR KEEPS by Jessica Prince ~ Release Blitz

Jessica Prince has a way with small town romance that indisputably makes her a master of this trope. Each book she writes in any given town she imagines, every page is like being wrapped up in a loving hug and a feeling of peace that makes you feel like each town is “home”.

Charlie has had a hard life and has built a fortress around her heart with every intention of forever keeping it out of reach because she can’t handle anymore hurt than the lifetime she’s already been dealt.

Dalton knew Charlie was his and as he waited in wings for her to finally realize it he was all sorts of growly protective alpha hero with enough swoon and swagger to melt ovaries across the nation.

The connection between Dalton and Charlie is palpable but once Charlie finally gives Dalton a chance they are downright combustible. They had this easiness between them that made it feel as though instead of just getting started they had known one another for an eternity.

Playing for Keeps pulls you into the cozy town of Hope Valley and within pages it feels like you never left. A breathtaking blend of intoxicating chemistry, a strong heroine, a protective alpha hero, heartbreak, heartwarming, and a rendering of a broken soul finding her place in the small quirky town of Hope Valley.

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