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RED THORNS by Rina Kent ~ Review

When I open a Rina Kent book I know it will inevitably captivate me from the prologue, push steamy boundaries, savagely dark anti-heroes, sassy heroines, and a storyline that she beautifully brings to life on the pages.

Red Thorns was nonpareil, the savage darkness that lives inside of Sebastian is unparalleled, the high voltage connection he and Naomi shared felt like a gravitational pull, growing stronger every time they unshackled their darkness, making this my #1 dark read of 2021.

Naomi is a cheerleader, but nothing like them, she’s fiery, and quick with sarcastic retorts, doesn’t hold back when someone is sneering venom her way, and could win a medal for keeping people out of her life.

Sebastian is charming, an all-american boy, but when that facade vanishes, he is undeniably the #1 diabolically dark anti-hero I’ve read this year. I was completely entranced by the way he presents himself to some, while as if on instinct he shares the deepest parts of himself with Naomi.

Sebastian and Naomi’s connection was interwoven in every part of them, it truly felt as though some cosmic force made them gravitate towards one another. I can’t even with this storyline, gripping from the start, suspense that will have your eyes locked on the pages, a nefarious shadow lurking that will make your skin crawl. There’s no chance of not finishing this in one sitting, every page either brings answers or more questions, and I loved every second.

Rina Kent’s books are beyond compare, and Red Thorns is an exemplary example. A riveting blend of cosmic chemistry, a diabolically dark anti-hero, a strong heroine, hair-raising suspense, mystery that will make your skin crawl, continuous intrigue that will keep your mind racing, and ferociously wicked steam.

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