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I don’t even know what to say because Caitlyn Dare managed to pull me acutely deeper into the Savage Falls Sinners MC world, and I have never not wanted to reach the end of a book as I did with this one, and then the cliffhanger broke me. I need the next book more than I need my next breath. It holds the answers that will fix the battered bits of my heart, but will likely cause more before I’m actually ok again, and I’m looking forward to it.

Sadie is sass, strength, sarcasm, and stubborn. I love everything about her, as the princess she could have been a shrinking violet hiding from the dangers of the MC life, but she’s there with her eyes wide open.

The connection she shares with Rhett, Dane, and Wes, are each overflowing with intensity, but all are distinctly their own.

At first glance Wes seems as though he doesn’t fit in this MC puzzle, but that would be a grave error, he’s as much a part of Sadie’s soul as the ones she’s known her whole life. He’s quiet, willing to follow the other’s, but also has an intense presence that allows Sadie to feel balance when he’s near.

Dane is laughter, throwing caution to the wind, pushing (mostly Rhett’s) buttons, quick witted, and charming. Nighttime shows him shadows of the past, but in the light of day he lives life with vigor. He can make Sadie laugh when all she wants to do is cry, and he feeds her wild side with the comfort of knowing he’s right beside her.

Rhett is undoubtedly King alpha-hole, he’s darker, more possessive, quick tempered, he feeds the deepest parts of her with his dominating darkness, and when they are in the same vicinity as one another the entire atmosphere is engulfed by their fire.

Gah, this storyline had me transfixed inside this world, devouring the words as fast as I could while wishing I wouldn’t reach the end. It’s endless twists and turns, intrigue and suspense. There was no possible way for me to participate in real life until I consumed every word.

Riveting from start to finish, my book hangover won’t be cured until I’m able to read Sacred, so many muttered wtf, omg, wtf, seriously, mf, omfg, and more because of that effing cliffhanger.

Sacrifice is the pinnacle of unputdownable, soul searing chemistry x3, growly alpha-holes, sassy heroine, hypnotic intrigue, gripping twists, heart stopping turns, witty banter, feels, and holy effing hot steam.

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