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SAVAGE by Caitlyn Dare ~ Relview

Within the first chapter I was consumed by this new world that Caitlyn Dare has created, and the summer of 2021 turned into a Savage addiction.

Sadie is an MC princess, daughter of the Savage Sinners MC’s president. She’s sassy, a “no ‘f’s to give attitude,” and I instantly loved her.

Rhett is an alpha-hole. Savage and Sadie had a long history of despising one another, and for years they avoided one another, but that’s no longer an option.

Dane is a mix of alpha-hole and charmingly sweet. He’s quick to try and lighten a tense moment, but he also knows when to let out his alpha side (wink).

Wes is a piece that you can’t find “exactly” where it fits, but you know deep down that he’s a crucial element to not only the story, but an integral part of Sadie’s life.

The chemistry between Sadie and the guys is palpable, but each one is distinctively unique. Sadie and Rhett are pure fire together, and although it’s not spoken out loud he’s undeniably the one in charge.
Sadie and Dane have a bit of friction between them from an unresolved past, but it also makes their connection electrifying with a layer of comfort.
Wes and Sadie were something seemingly out of nowhere, but in the next moment you feel a spark between them that you know is going to be fueled into something explosive.

The storyline was a whole new level of consuming, every turn of the page you learn more about this world, but there’s also more going on than meets the eye. There’s suspense, and a tingling sensation that there are secrets in this world that are going to come out and hit everyone like a freight train. I absolutely can’t wait to spend my summer obsessing over this series.

Caitlyn Dare shattered the ceiling with this introduction to the Savage Sinners world. The first chapter grabbed me, and every page was more engrossing than the last. A fervent blend of 3 uniquely intoxicating connections, an alpha-hole, a “light” alpha-hole (it’s a thing, because, Dean), a mysterious hero (or anti-hero?), a sassy heroine, witty banter, suspense, so much freaking intrigue, feels, and deviantly dark “omfg” steam. Unequivocally a top read of 2021 and a new all-time favorite.

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