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SOUTHERN SUNSHINE by Natasha Madison ~ Review

Each book in the Southern Series is filled with feels, swoon, varying forms of healing, and the quintessential small town family, but never more so than in the pages of Southern Sunshine.

My heart wasn’t prepared for tears that were brought on by the unconditional love and unwavering support in this family. The deep love of this family has been a large part of each book, but Reed and Hazel’s story brought all of those aspects up several degrees.

If you’ve read the previous books you know that there was something happening between Reed and Hazel, my curiosity had been piqued and I couldn’t wait to dive into this .

Hazel moved away, only keeping in contact with her grandfather, but now it’s 6 years later, she’s back in town with a little girl by her side. I adored Hazel, she was sweet, strong, and determined.

Reed was back home for the first time in years, he ran off to the military and in doing so he may have found parts of himself, but he also lost bits of his soul along the way, never even realizing it, until he’s face to face with the woman from his past.

Reed and Hazel’s “re-meet-cute” is more of a “re-door slam” not quite cute, but it made me giggle, and in that time you can feel the chemistry between them.

Reed put the pieces together of a puzzle he hadn’t known existed until he saw a sweet little ray of Sunshine with a smirk that matched his own, Reed went from merely surviving life to finding the sunshine that invigorated the pieces of his soul that had dormant for years.

Reed and Hazel didn’t just have electrifying chemistry, it was more than that, the conversations they shared, in the moments they are near one another, it feels as though a soul that had been split, found its missing half.

I have come to cherish the hours I’m able to get lost in a world with the Barnes family, but never more so than inside the pages of Southern Sunshine.

Madison takes you on a heartfelt journey, alongside swoony southern men and the sassy women they fall in love with. Each word wraps around your heart like a hug that heals a bit of your soul.

Southern Sunrise delivered an amplified version of what I love about the Southern Series and the Barnes family. A piquant blend of soul-searing chemistry, a swoony southern hero, a strong sweet heroine, a sassy little girl, fervently heartwarming feels, and steam, all inside a fictional world that feels like home with a family teeming unconditional love, and unwavering loyalty, and when you reach the end your heart will be full, and your soul sated. A top read of 2021, and undoubtedly my favorite of the Southern Series.

Inside this world where the men are so swoony you will shed tears, the women are strong and incredibly loving, the way the parents love their kids unconditionally with unwavering support, grandparents who love with more intensity the more the family grows, all of these are the reasons this series has made me shed more “feel good” tears than any other series.

It’s not all Sunshine, some take Chances, others forget to take the a moment to watch the Sunrise, every character is full of Heart, pages of Heat fueled chemistry, Secrets that never stay secret for long, every book gives you the sense of home, your heart overflowing with heartwarming feels, and brimming with love, offering hours of Comfort.

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