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START A FIRE by Julia Wolf ~ Review

This was my first book by this author and it sure won’t be the last.

Grace was back in her hometown after being in another country for 2 years but the girl that used to roam the halls of Savage River High School no longer existed and all she wanted to do was make it through senior year unscathed but the moment she meets Sebastian Vega those plans go up in flames.

Grace’s intentions of keeping her head down and going unnoticed doesn’t last long not only because of Bash but also because of the fire inside of her and her sassiness.

Bash does everything to the nth degree when he’s angry he’s down right volatile, he’s not just a possessive alpha his alphaness is psycho stalker level and oh how I love those, and under all his levels of crazy was a heart that beat for one woman.

Grace and Bash’s physical chemistry is palpable from the very beginning but when they begin becoming emotionally invested in one another it morphs into a volcanic hotspot level of intensity. Every volatile interaction and lingering look was like being a witness to their souls being seared together in irreversible ways.

The profound connection between Bash and Grace with an addictively woven tale of deliciously dark and twisted story with delicately placed raw emotions from these characters that will shred your heart but also miraculously piece it back together made it physically impossible for me to put this book down until I read every word.

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