CRANK by Caitlyn Dare

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Crank is a standalone novella set in the Red Ridge Sinner MC world. If you’re looking for a quick read that is teeming with chemistry, a possessive, dirty-talking biker, and a sassy heroine, with a tension filled push and pull that builds up to explosive steam, then look no further.  If you’ve read the previous books, you’ll know that the chemistry between her and Crank was there from the moment they laid eyes on each other. She’s so determined that the life she grew up in wasn’t what she wanted that she continuously pushes Killian away, which quickly turns … Continue reading CRANK by Caitlyn Dare

OFF THE BENCH by Alley Ciz ~ Review

Off The Bench is UNEQUIVOCALLY my new favorite #UofJ Ciz shattered the ceiling on any preconceived notions I had in regards to CK and Q’s story. Quinn is a spitfire, a sassy ray of sunshine; her outgoing personality lights up a room, and her heart is the most beautiful part of her. She was much more than she appeared, and I adored every aspect of her, from the crazy to the quirky. CK was a fantastically fleshed-out character who quickly stole my heart and scorched my soul. He’s shy, adorably awkward, and he’s been taken in by this group of … Continue reading OFF THE BENCH by Alley Ciz ~ Review

RESOLUTION by Adriana Locke ~ Review

I’m at a loss on where to start. Resolution embodied everything I admire about Locke’s writing: searing passion, amusing banter, feels, and a family that loves with a fierceness that we would all be fortunate to possess. Dara had lost her only parent, and to make matters worse, she had no other family, and her identity had been irreversibly shattered. And, while she could have let it affect her bright personality, she didn’t; she was sarcastic, quick-witted, and curious. Who wouldn’t be intrigued by the broody, enigmatic brother who keeps to himself? I’ve been looking forward to Wade’s story since … Continue reading RESOLUTION by Adriana Locke ~ Review

THE PACT by Max Monroe ~ Review

The Pact is Max Monroe at their best: laughter and tears, with a dash of wit thrown in for good measure, expertly woven into an enthralling, feel-good romance.. Daisy embodied my favorite type of heroine; her rambling words gushed from her tongue at every moment of fear or silence, and her rambling quickly became my all-time favorite.I felt her anxiety in every word, as her anxieties and fears churned inside of her like a tornado, growing stronger with each word. I wanted to hug her at moments, and her incoherent ramblings made me laugh at other times. Flynn is Daisy’s … Continue reading THE PACT by Max Monroe ~ Review

FAKING IT WITH #41 by Piper Rayne ~ Review

Faking It with #41, made me realize I need to fess up, and just boldly admit….I am a Hockey Hottie Harlot. This is the third member of the Florida Fury that we’ve met and I love them all, each of them tear through the pages with flattering lines and a panty melting smile, and I refuse to choose a favorite, so I will love them all. Lena does PR for Ford’s family, and during her employment there were a few times that it was up to her to spin Ford’s shenanigans into something that put him into a more favorable … Continue reading FAKING IT WITH #41 by Piper Rayne ~ Review

THE RETALIATION YOU DELIVER by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

The Retaliation You Deliver, delivers on all fronts, dark and twisty, engrossing from start to finish, an epic conclusion to Leon and Macie’s story. The Retaliation You Deliver picks up hours after The Devastation You Reap left off. Leon and Macie aren’t the people they were in the beginning of their story, devastating secrets have been exposed and malicious actions imploded who they had been, and set their relationship ablaze. In the previous books, Leon Dunn had been more reserved and most likely to get others to laugh, but always with an air of darkness surrounding him. The moment Macie … Continue reading THE RETALIATION YOU DELIVER by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

THE DEVASTATION YOU REAP by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

Tracy Lorraine has managed to make every book in the Maddison Kings University series better than the previous, but she obliterated all of that with The Devastation You Reap. Macie is quiet, much more innocent than others her age, but in other ways it’s clear she’s seen some of the darkest humanity has to offer. Macie was quiet, but when she was nervous it was like her filter malfunctioned and all the things she wouldn’t have said spew out of her mouth, sass and sarcasm, a sensual intrigue stirred once meeting Leon. Leon has captivated me, an air of mystery … Continue reading THE DEVASTATION YOU REAP by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

THE BET by Max Monroe ~ Review

The Bet was Max Monroe perfection multiplied by 10. I truly don’t know where to start because this book was everything I hadn’t expected, but exactly what I needed, I laughed, giggled, swooned, and ferverous levels of steam. Sophie is an event planner, and her personality made it obvious that she was in the right profession. She had a plan for her life, and a tad bit obsessive about it which made me fall in love with her. You know what they say about the best laid plans… Jude is the proverbial bachelor, he was content being single, and had … Continue reading THE BET by Max Monroe ~ Review

GRUMPY COWBOY by Max Monroe ~ Review

Max Monroe are masters of addicting single dad romance. Every single time I say I have a new favorite in a review, it’s true from that moment until they bring a new single dad into my life, but a single dad that’s a cowboy? That’s an invitation for ovary exploding emergencies across the world. Leah arrives at Shaw Springs Ranch, and is faced with a whole different patient than she was expecting. To say they get off on the wrong side of a high heel would be an understatement. Rhett may be a stubborn cowboy, but Leah is stubborn in … Continue reading GRUMPY COWBOY by Max Monroe ~ Review

THROUGH THE ASHES by Julia Wolf ~ Review

I loved Start a Fire, but there was something special in the pages of Through the Ashes that made Bex and Asher my new favorite couple in The Savage Crew series. Bex’s world is falling down around her and the whispers have started in the school hallways with a guarantee that it’s only going to get worse. She’s a good girl that does what’s expected of her until she hits a point where she needs to not be that girl, even if just for a night. Asher is drowning in heartbreak and sets his sights on Bex to make himself … Continue reading THROUGH THE ASHES by Julia Wolf ~ Review