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FAKING IT WITH #41 by Piper Rayne ~ Review

Faking It with #41, made me realize I need to fess up, and just boldly admit….I am a Hockey Hottie Harlot.

This is the third member of the Florida Fury that we’ve met and I love them all, each of them tear through the pages with flattering lines and a panty melting smile, and I refuse to choose a favorite, so I will love them all.

Lena does PR for Ford’s family, and during her employment there were a few times that it was up to her to spin Ford’s shenanigans into something that put him into a more favorable light. She had been through a lot, but she never allowed it to hold her back from achieving her goals. I adored her, she was intelligent and sassy, she had no qualms about going toe to toe with Ford.

Ford’s world shifted not once but twice, first finding out he was going to be a father, and second when he was thrust into being the only parent, after the other walked away. Ford’s love for Annabelle shined through in every action and reaction he had, it was clear that the moment his eyes landed on his baby girl was the moment she became his world. Ford Jacobs as a devoted, hearts in his eyes, father, is going to cause ovaries across the world to detonate at atomic bomb levels.

Lena and Ford’s chemistry is palpable any time they are near one another, their argumentative banter is their foreplay, and when you add in little touches, and heated glances, I thought my kindle would combust. They were made for one another, yet their insecurities and doubts wouldn’t allow them to hold on tightly to one another, and instead they attempted to keep a wall between them. What began as enemies masquerading as a couple evolved into 2 hearts becoming one.

Piper Rayne masterfully brings their words to life, whether it’s a small town or a sports team, the camaraderie is loving and full of laughs, love, and heart, always heart, a literary hug, the type that cures a bit of what ails you.

I wasn’t Faking It with #41, why? Ford and Lena’s story is captivating from the first word to the last. An enlivening blend of frenetic chemistry, an ovary exploding hero, a sweet sassy heroine, sharp remarks and snappy comebacks, a titillating slow-burn, with dollops of feels infused throughout. A top read of 2021, and a new all-time favorite single dad romance.

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