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THE PERFECT CATCH by Meghan Quinn ~ Review

Yet again, Meghan Quinn solidifies that there’s a difference between sports romance and a Meghan Quinn BASEBALL romance.

I don’t know how she does it but every book that takes place inside the Bobbies’ or Rebels world is utterly bewitching, a few words and you are immersed inside this world until the very last word.

Kate quickly stole my heart. She was sassy but also had a huge heart, she cared about the people in her life, but she also cared what happened to those around her, she genuinely wanted those around her to be their best selves, and she without any reluctance she did what was needed to help them achieve that.

Walker, gosh, this man. He was quick tempered and had a habit of those moments being caught on camera, and spotlighting him at his worst, but there was so much more to this man than his quick temper and attitude. His heart had been shattered by a devastating loss, and he blocked off the remaining pieces to prevent any more damage.

The moment Kate and Walker meet it’s clear that Walker’s temper and Kate’s stubborn determination is going to be a challenge, but it’s the palpable chemistry between them that ignites between them that makes you breathless.

I was immediately consumed by Kate and Walker’s story not putting my kindle down until I read every word. My heart was as invested in their story as my head because they were in a situation that felt like in the end nobody would come out the other side with anything but a broken heart.

There was too much of a pull between them, and what starts as a physical reaction becomes one of a deep soul searing connection that brings out a stream of emotions that I was nowhere near prepared for, their emotions bled from the pages wriggling their way into my heart. There’s so much more to the catcher for the Bobbies than others can see, but Kate sees him.

Meghan Quinn is a master of witty banter between characters, and The Perfect Catch is a devine example of that, they come to life on the pages and their quick wit, and fun banter makes you feel as though you are right there with them as a part of the Bobbies.

Meghan Quinn hit it out of the park with The Perfect Catch. A bewitching blend of soul searing chemistry, a grumpy swoony alpha hero, that right ladies he’s ALL of those, a sassy heroine with a huge heart, tension filled slow-burn, witty banter, an array of feels from laughing out loud to tears leaking, and tantalizing arm porn.

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