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Unwilling Protector by Jordan Marie ~ Review


If you’ve been considering reading Marie’s Filthy Florida Alphas series, Unwilling Protector is the perfect novella to persuade you to do so.

Train travels to North Carolina in order to figure out what caused one of his brothers to end up in the hospital. He’s an over-the-top alpha through and through, and there’s nothing stopping him from claiming Drew once he encounters her.

Drew was a BA in her own right, ready and eager to defend herself by any means necessary, and I fell in love with her right away. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed and giggled at things she said as she was sassy and clever.

Marie’s brilliance as a writer is on display once again, as her words will captivate you from beginning to end, whether it’s a novella or a full-length novel. She has a thing for spunky women with sharp wit and sarcasm, as well as over-the-top, growly men that can nevertheless make you swoon.

Protector is an insta-novella with an enthralling blend of addictive chemistry, a feisty heroine, laugh-out-loud funny banter, suspenseful intrigue, and red-hot steam.


**This book was previously published under the book A Very Naughty MC Christmas Anthology, although it does have some new content.**

As a member of the Steel Vipers, Train is known as the quiet one.
He rarely speaks up. He does what is expected.
He supports his brothers.
He is the one that others counted on.

So, when his buddy and club brother, Ghost, is wounded and needs help, Train is the first to volunteer.

The job was supposed to be easy.
Find Drew and bring him back to Florida. Keep him under club protection long enough to tell them what the fuck was going on.

There is just one small problem.
The club has no idea who Drew is or what he looks like.

All they have is Drew’s name and an address that leads to a small strip joint in North Carolina.

Okay, that might be a big problem.
Still, Train accepts his mission and prepares to see it through.
But nothing could prepare him for the sexy, raven haired beauty he finds dancing on the stage.

With every sway of her hips, he forgets he’s here to help his brother.
He doesn’t care about anything else.

He just wants her.

Complete Standalone Romance.

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