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FRACTURED REIGN by Caitlyn Dare ~ Review

I have read every book by Caitlyn Dare their words have kept me mesmerized since their debut, but Fractured Reign and the conclusion to this epic, dark, mind-twistingly addictive trilogy has me completely awe-stricken.

I truly don’t even know where to begin, Caitlyn Dare’s writing cast a spell onto the pages of Fractured Reign making it impossible to pull your eyes away until you devour every word.

I don’t think my heart rate was stable throughout Bexley and Mia’s story, their emotions permeated the pages embedding them straight into my heart. They were propelled into a game they never wanted to be a part of but not playing wasn’t an option if they wanted to survive.

Mia had been through an unimaginable trauma, leaving her with physical and emotional wounds that would never really heal, but she was never going to stay down for long. You could feel her inner strength building on every page, and in the back of my mind I was cheering her on. She became a bit of the old her with a new fire inside of her, as if she could take on the world.

Bexley seemed to become more and more of who he was meant to be, and by doing so he became not only who Mia needed, but also the Electi, and the town of Gravestone. He was ready to burn the world to the ground if it meant protecting Mia, and there was nothing that was going to stop him.

Bexley and Mia’s chemistry exploded into a brand new emotional and physical intensity. They were in a literal fight for their lives, and every page was fueled by finding out secrets, uncovering lies, heart stopping suspense, and emotional despair from all of the trauma they already survived.

Fractured Reign is unequivocally a top read of 2021. Bexley and Mia’s story is an unputdownable epic blend of explosive chemistry, heart pounding suspense, dark twists, and steam hot enough to warm your kindle.

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