WICKED PRINCESS by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

Wicked Princess picks up where Wicked Knight left off, every page takes you deeper inside this dark and twisty world reality ceases to exist, and Knight’s Ridge Empire is all that exists. Stella ups her game in Wicked Princess, she was sassy in Wicked Knight but Wicked Princess she allows more of her true self to be seen and it’s clear why she and Seb are so drawn to one another, she’s the only one wicked enough to give him a run for his money, and oh does she ever. Seb spent the majority of Wicked Knight demonstrating how deviously … Continue reading WICKED PRINCESS by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

THE PACT by Max Monroe ~ Review

The Pact is Max Monroe at their best: laughter and tears, with a dash of wit thrown in for good measure, expertly woven into an enthralling, feel-good romance.. Daisy embodied my favorite type of heroine; her rambling words gushed from her tongue at every moment of fear or silence, and her rambling quickly became my all-time favorite.I felt her anxiety in every word, as her anxieties and fears churned inside of her like a tornado, growing stronger with each word. I wanted to hug her at moments, and her incoherent ramblings made me laugh at other times. Flynn is Daisy’s … Continue reading THE PACT by Max Monroe ~ Review

SWOON by Lauren Rowe ~ Review

I am deceased. I had no idea you could swoon to death, but that was only because I hadn’t met Colin and Amy yet. Amy took “no filter” to a whole new level. I have a crush on a girl. She was extremely sweet, but she was also sassy and extremely witty. Her personality was such a mishmash that she was truly one-of-a-kind; she was Amy, and nothing else could describe her. She was unlike any other heroine I’d ever read about which was all sorts of swoony. Colin, oh my goodness, *blushes* He was swoony. The best and worst … Continue reading SWOON by Lauren Rowe ~ Review

CANARY by Tijan ~ Blog Tour

Canary had everything I love about mafia books with an added Tijan spin making this a cut above others in this trope. Canary ensnared me in the first pages, and I knew I wouldn’t be participating in real life until I reached the end. Ash is so hard to try and explain, she had so many unique qualities that made her who she was, but she also adapted to change effortlessly, a way to survive in a world where many didn’t make it out alive. It felt like every chapter offered a new depth, and along with that came some … Continue reading CANARY by Tijan ~ Blog Tour

KISS AND DON’T TELL by Meghan Quinn ~ Review

Kiss and Don’t Tell was an EPIC introduction to this new world, teeming with witty banter, quirky characters, laughs, feels, and a slow-burn only Meghan Quinn can deliver. The prologue had me hook, line, and sinker. Pacey is a goalie, and as it’s the off-season he and his teammates are getting some well deserved rest and relaxation with the peaceful view of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The dynamics of the friends captivated me, each with a quirkiness that makes them as intriguing as they were beguiling. Pacey was a blend of cocky, charming, and sweet. He just had an air … Continue reading KISS AND DON’T TELL by Meghan Quinn ~ Review


Yet again, Holly Renee has taken my ability to speak English, along with bits of my soul with The Taste of an Enemy, this was EVERYTHING! I became enamored when my heart was touched by a villain, but that was minor in comparison, one small taste of the enemy, and I was wholly and irrecoverably addicted to the depths of my soul. GAHHHH, Holly Renee weaves an angsty, twisty tale like no one else, heart palpitations were a side effect of the story, from the way the angst hurt my heart to the tension between Allie and Carson, they were … Continue reading THE TASTE OF AN ENEMY ~ Review

ONE LITTLE MISTAKE by Avery Maxwell ~ Blog Tour

This was my first book by Avery Maxwell, and she delivered the quintessential small town romance. Lexi is learning to survive the trauma and grief from her past, and she may have some cracks inside that will never fully heal. She isn’t waiting for Prince Charming to ride in and save her, she’s got the fire, strength and determination to put herself back together. Easton is all growls and demands, but oh my, once he gets he realizes that he and Lexi have a lot more between them then then arguing and butting heads, he goes from grumpy to all … Continue reading ONE LITTLE MISTAKE by Avery Maxwell ~ Blog Tour

THE VENGEANCE YOU CRAVE by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

My new favorite of the Maddison Kings University series. A few words and you’re pulled right back into the Maddison Kings University world, and until I had read every word, deep inside this world is where I stayed. If you’ve read the previous books in the series then Luca piqued your interest. It was so obvious that there was more to him than what he allowed people to see, it just so happens that what he had simmered below the surface explodes the moment Peyton is back in his life. Peyton is back after 5 years all she wants to … Continue reading THE VENGEANCE YOU CRAVE by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

GRUMPY COWBOY by Max Monroe ~ Review

Max Monroe are masters of addicting single dad romance. Every single time I say I have a new favorite in a review, it’s true from that moment until they bring a new single dad into my life, but a single dad that’s a cowboy? That’s an invitation for ovary exploding emergencies across the world. Leah arrives at Shaw Springs Ranch, and is faced with a whole different patient than she was expecting. To say they get off on the wrong side of a high heel would be an understatement. Rhett may be a stubborn cowboy, but Leah is stubborn in … Continue reading GRUMPY COWBOY by Max Monroe ~ Review

FRACTURED REIGN by Caitlyn Dare ~ Review

I have read every book by Caitlyn Dare their words have kept me mesmerized since their debut, but Fractured Reign and the conclusion to this epic, dark, mind-twistingly addictive trilogy has me completely awe-stricken. I truly don’t even know where to begin, Caitlyn Dare’s writing cast a spell onto the pages of Fractured Reign making it impossible to pull your eyes away until you devour every word. I don’t think my heart rate was stable throughout Bexley and Mia’s story, their emotions permeated the pages embedding them straight into my heart. They were propelled into a game they never wanted … Continue reading FRACTURED REIGN by Caitlyn Dare ~ Review